The College of Bardem

Our Heroes began their journey to Bardem after reuniting with Dorian at the acolytes temple. There they learned that Melfred was involved in the mysterious house of whispers.

Dorian suggests that he can sneak them into the college under the guise of new students and then search for the house and confront whoever this “Lord Thelros” is and end whatever plans Melfred had been plotting.

So our heroes set off north from Evanholm and broke at the river Ivan taking a raft upriver to the town of Redcliff where they could resupply before heading into the college. Along they way the passed a nearby fishing village that seemed to be completely ravaged by Gnolls. They continued their journey northward and ignored the dead behind them.

Upon Arriving at redcliff, our heroes went to Goldilocks for some fine butter beer and brew. The owner, Dale seemed to be having a problem with his crops and sent the crew to investigate a “wolf” drinking his ale. What the team found however, was an elderly copper dragon disguised as a man pounding barrels of ale. It was revealed later on that this was Merrigos, the Dean of House Valor at the College of Bardem.

Serra Volsong arrives on the scene and comments playfully on Merrigos’ antics and drunkenness, but entrusts him with the guardianship of Malory. She continues on her journey into the grey hills towards Half-rock.

Our heroes regroup at the inn after picking up a passed out Dorian remembering his old college days. Waking up, they quickly scurry off to Goldbury Alley picking up some instruments, potions, and magical supplies. They try to quickly run to the house selection ceremony but are encountered by troggs! They quickly make work of them and run straight to the ceremony.

Dorian drops them off to search Melfred’s old office and our heroes are promplty sorted into the bard college that best suits them:

House Valor:

House Lore:

House Herald:

House Glamour:

House Whispers:

Each of our heroes are slowly introduced to the other students and deans of each house. In house Valor, our heroes meet Tibult (Dorian’s brother) and Liam, as well as Merrigos who reveals himself to be the head of house Valor. He and the house founder Siggier Andvari used to go on amazing adventures back in their hay day and Merrigos is the only surviving member of the original college founders.

In House Lore, Jafar makes off to the Dudley library and encounters the Curator, a massive mech librarian that keeps all of the books and records in order. He was able to do some research and find a college past faculty book mentioning an old dark elf professor that thought their should be a bard college for espionage, but was denied. Rhienne speaks with an obscure student named sibil that had been staring at her since the sorting ceremony. The conversation goes nowhere after she may or may not have tried to court her??

In House Herald, Vlad investigates the life science exhibit and see massive ancient bone skeletons of beasts long past such as a triceratops and trex. He later investigates Melfred’s old office for clues and finds nothing but odd spider webs.

In House Glamour, Trogdor investigates the botanical gardens and encounters the dean, Helia. The tall and mysterious tiefling is intrigued by the dragonborns path that lead him here and asks him to look into her mirror, Glamour. She tells him the mirror is magical and will allow him to see an image of truth as he focuses his thoughts. Trogdor focuses on the house of whispers and witnesses a dark elf argue and curse at his wand, as well as Damaia walking in the Whispering wood. Helia eyes glow with the mirrors reflection as Trogdar looks up and she walks away simply saying, “you are very interesting”. He later discovers other wards of house glamour and sentient and seemingly disturbed shambling mound of vegetation that is enclosed either for its protection or ours.

In House Whisper,
Damaia goes off to the whispering woods to look for clues and encounters Tibult, after a quick exchange Tibult realizes she was also chosen to House whisper and in his nervousness introduces her to the entrance near the Cleric’s Circle, a holy ground that would be the last place you’d expect! He sings the magic song to gain entrance and leads Damaia to the dean of House Whisper, The White Spider.

Our Heroes meetup at the Cleric’s Circle at midnight shortly after and notice Damaia is missing. Rhienne uses her warlock abilities to discover she has supposedly betrayed them and is with the the white spider, before Damaia kicks her out of her mind. After gaining entrance to the secret entrance, our heroes begin their decent in the house of whispers. After failing to correctly enter the main hall, the fall down a long drain pipe and encounter a massive sewer troll! Our heroes valiantly fend off and defeat the troll, but Jafar was knocked out during the battle. The loot the trolls nearby chest surrounded by skeletons of would be members and Vladislav receives the Boots of the Wanderer an uncommon magic item that increases his athletics skills. Meanwhile, Damaia is able to gain info that a Lord Thelros has been preparing the end of the college and that victory is already guaranteed. He tells Tibult to kindly “handle” his brother who he believes is waiting outside.

Uncertainty awaits as our heroes as they do not know if Damaia is friend or foe as they march closer to the final chamber of the White spider.

The Deck of Many Things

After having cleared the the Brightrock mines, our heroes regrouped with Trogdar and began their journey back to Evanholm. On the way they were attacked by enraged Gnolls. It seems they are raiding more aggressively.

After arriving in the city, there seems to be considerable excitement from royal ships arriving at the docks. They are immediately intercepted by Juliana, who escorts them back to the Acolytes Temple. Here our adventurers learn that Dorain’s good friend Melfred Longfoot recently abandoned his post at the College of Bardem and was staying in the city. When Dorian tried to confront him at the inn he was staying he found bizarre markings of squid like design, but no Melfred. Melfred of course was trying to summon S’goth back in the mines and was the very bard you defeated.

After deliberation Juliana suggest that our heroes and Dorian should embark to the College of Bardem to investigate what is going on. Dorain will wait at the temple of the acolytes until the party is ready. Juliana also shows a bizarre marking outside of the temple of the same squid tentacle design. She says the temple is magically protected to prevent graffiti and this engraving shouldn’t be possible. She also comments on the “witch” Serra Volsong is in town to speak with Edwin. There appears to be some deep animosity between the two. Juliana also promoted, Jafar and Rhienne with the title, “Arcanist” and standing with the guild

For the remainder of the day our heroes got some shopping done as well as prepare magical items and spells. The party splits and half head to Historians extension near the docks and Harper’s Hill. They also return their quest to Edgar at Aznar’s shop and receive their 400 gold.

Trogdor speaks with Marian and she is impressed with his skill as a druid. She recommends attempting to gain the blessing of Elek Thyr in his forest. The great Deer God is reclusive and only blesses those it deems worthy. He was also awarded the title, “Watcher” and standing with the guild.

At the historians, Markel examines some of the parties magic items but cannot seem to make heads or tails of them. He leads them outside to the city graveyard and shows them a recent noble woman cadaver’s burn marks. He believes someone in town is in possession of the wondrous magical item, The Deck of Many things. The deck is a reality altering item and beyond historian identification in terms of origin. Markel believes this because the werguild hasn’t identified the woman’s killer and their have been two more murders as well.

The party is also confronted by Edwin Harper in the streets and he attempts to make amends by inviting them to a party later that night. At the party, Rhienne attempts to enter his mind, but is thwarted by his chief adjudicator, Jasen. Serra Volsong enters and tries to convince Edwin for military help, but is denied. She is given safe passage to travel north to the Copper mountains and her ancestral homeland. She is seeking a family for Mallory (the baby copper dragon on her shoulder) to stay with. During the events of the party, Vlad was able to give the manor’s watchmen the slip and do some sleuthing. He was able to discover a ledger in an office room, but didn’t have the incriminating evidence he needed for Noland and the alchemists. He did discover Edwin is having trouble with a mysterious pirate queen named Marileth and that some of his traders have been engaging in smuggling and a few with coffins into the city.

After vlad’s return, Edwin offers to help “assist” the party and give them a ship in exchange if they can clear his pirate problems in the Magian sea to the south. Serra confirms this was an issue in her passage north to Evanholm.

After resting for the night, the party heads to the alchemists guild, were Noland has a special quest for Vlad but agrees to share the details with the party as well. In his possession is the Deck of many things and he needs it smuggled outside of the city. He specifically does not want to be involved or implicated as it has killed at least one person so far. After some touch negotiating, from Goldie, Noland agrees to pay 300 gold upfront and another 300 gold if he can deliver it to his buyer’s emissary outside the city.

The party agrees, but vlad cannot resist the temptation of the deck and decides to draw from it. The deck runs out of charges after 3 draws and needs to time to regenerate. Vlad draws the Fates card allowing him to change and bend reality for a single moment once at the time of his choosing. Goldie then decides to draw from the deck but receives the Rogue card. She has now been cursed to be hated by a random ally forever. With the final charge, Vera decided to draw from the deck, but received the Fool card decreasing her level to level 4 and forcing her to draw again. She draws the Skull card teleporting her to another dimension and forcing her into one on one combat with a deadly encounter.
Vera defeats and enraged owlbear one on one and is teleported back.

The group meets up with the emissary who mysteriously tried to attack and kill Goldie. Vlad was able to negotiate and exchange while restraining Gerald (the emissary). After returning to the city and collecting their bounty. Noland awards Vlad with full membership the guild and the title, “Apprentice” and standing with the guild.

The groups head back to town and decides that they should head to the College of Bardem.

Brightrock Depths
Session 6

Our heroes continued their descent into the mines unsure of what they would find next.

  • They discovered a cavern carved by water going deeper into the mine. Goldie secures the rope for our adventurers to continue exploring.
  • They encounter a large chamber with seemingly no escape when they are attacked by two Gelatinous Cubes. A horrific battle ensued as Vlad was mere moments from dying of suffocation within the cube’s mass before Vera was able to just pull him out to safety.
  • After hearing their cries for help, Goldie slides down and immediately swings in to pull Jafar from out of a cube and deftly land safely.
  • After exploring their enclosed cavern, our heroes decide to swim out of the pool in the center. They were able to use Rhienne’s Imp familiar to secure the rope in an air-pocket ledge deep in the underwater river.
  • Escaping from the underground currents. They discover the miners, however when attempting to speak to them telepathically, Rhienne hears a dark voice in place of their minds threatening the party.
  • A battle ensues on the bridge and the party discovering that the miners have had their brains eaten out and are being controlled like zombies. However, our party was able to use their pick axes to mine some raw gold ore.
  • Our heroes travel deeper into the mine where they see the Foreman of the mines, a powerful dwarf wearing heavy armor. A battle ensues where the foreman calls for the intellect devourer, a large brain that walks on four legs, that consumer the poor miner’s minds minds. Vera nearly has her intellect drained!
    *Following their victory, Our heroes received: War Pick of the Foreman, and Pauldrons of Grizzly Fangs.

After the clearing the campsite near the foreman and defeating a mimic, the group discovers a broken tomb seal inscribed in deep speech as the jail of S’goth. They hear the sounds of a bard delivering a ritual spell deep from within and explored further down the tomb/jail. It appeared Aznar’s minors uncovered the tomb and accidentally awakened an ancient evil.

The group discovers a halfling bard named Melfred Longfoot, mad in his speech and nature freeing Sgoth from a limestone-like prison. Our heroes engage, and struggle against his cutting words and the mind flayed miners he was controlling. He mentions offhand that a lord Thelros has chosen him for this mission and he cannot fail.

Both Goldie and Vlad fall unconscious while Vera attempts to tank the remaining enslaved miners. Despair filled the air as half the team lie unconscious with most of the remaining party near death; in probably the group’s darkest hour, Jafar makes the hard call to continue his freezing spell to keep S’goth imprisoned while everyone regroups and tries to stabilize. Jafar was then able to take out 3 miners with a single spell setting up the group for the inevitable release of S’goth.

Sgoth, the massive 12 foot Chuul begins striking at the group in a frazzled rage with his human sized pinsers and tentacle mouth. The strange ooze in the puddle near his prison giving him near impenetrable armor. The group was able to quickly realize they could kite him around the mine and if he stayed out of his ooze then he could be wounded. Rhienne’s imp was killed as S’goth tried to strike her, but the group emerged victorious and with some new loot:

  • Longfoot, a powerful family heirloom that belonged to the bizarre bard.
    *Lute of Persuasion

And a bizarre locket that was hidden the tentacles of S’goth. Its properties remain unknown.

The party decided to haul the body of Melfred out as evidence of their victory and parts of S’goth as battle trophies, they exit the mine unsure of what their future holds…

Into the Brightrock Mines
Session 5

Our heroes start their adventure in Evanholm attempting to get more shopping done.

  • Rhienne attempts to pickpocket Lady Crane and fails earning her future scorn; she later learns from half-elven vagabonds that her friends will soon be attacked for killing Captain Greenbeard.
  • After discussing their future plans in an ally way, the group is attacked ruffians dressed in pirate gear.
  • After breaking killing some of them and taking a hostage, the group is arrested Commander Sigurd under suspicion of murder.
  • Our heroes were able to make their case to the Council of Saven at Saven’s Keep and were released after a unanimous (one reluctant vote) of innocence.
  • The group decides to celebrate their freedom by entering a drunken carouse. Vera gets arrested for disorderly conduct, Trogdor wakes up robbed on the other side of the city, and Rhienne and Jam clean house at the dice tables. Unfotunately Jafar was embarresingly scorned attempting to woo a maiden. Bartok went behind the bar without pants and was thrown out of [[Falker’s Inn & Tavern | Falker’s]].
  • Our heroes regroup and investigate the [[College of Historians: Evanholm | Historians guild]] and receive some powerful information about vampires and some holy water from Markel.
    The group splinters off picking up items and gathering quests before regrouping to clear Aznar’s Mines of trouble in deep of the night.
  • Goldie was able to navigate them safely, and they entered the mine succesfully avoiding traps.
  • They encountered some gnolls early on, but were cleverly dispatched with oil and fire.
  • Then went into the abandoned parts of the mine were they fought a brood of spiders. Trogdor was poisoned and wrapped in the black widows web, but Jam was able to misty step away from harm.

With the entrance corridor of the mine cleared, what will our heroes encounter next as they journey deeper into the mine.

Quests obtained:
Markel: Rescue my assistant Clarence or at least return his body. I fear Stormgrad has fallen under the spell of a terrible foe.
Noland: Investigate Harper’s Manor, i believe he might be behind your pirate problem and I need evidence like a ledger.
Marian: Cleanse the Night Vale of its curse and lay Bjorn’s soul to rest.
Aeron: Join me at the Nighthold if you wish to join the Vyrkul. We face the dangers of the growing gnoll threat to protect this land.

The Road to Evanholm
Session 4

Following their victory on the Sea Ghost, our heroes headed back to Saltmar in need of rest and refuge.

  • Upon arriving back in town, they soon discover it aflame. There are no more residents left in the town and only one building appeared to be in tact with a light on.
  • The group battled with the innkeeper Charles Greenwood who was actually a vampire thrawl.
  • Charles bit Jam, but he was able to regain consciousness the following morning.
  • Charles escaped in a mist leaving our heroes with Adrien Glade the shopkeeper and sole survivor of Saltmar.
  • They soon decided they needed to get to Evanholm before Jam fully turned into a vampire.
  • The group encountered an enraged owlbear on the road and were victorious, but Damaia was knocked unconscious.
  • Upon arriving in Evanholm, our heroes set out on various tasks including meeting Guildmaster Juliana and doing some light shopping at Brightstar before staying at Falker’s for the night.

Quests picked up:

  • Falkner: Use my map to see what’s happening at Bjorn’s scar in the night vale.
  • Adriana Glade: Investigate what is happening at Stormgrad and look for my brother Haldar.
  • Juliana: An acolyte (haldar) we sent to Stormgrad hasn’t ravened in a month. I’m worried for the peninsula’s safety as a great mist has enveloped it.
  • Aznar: I stopped receiving shipments from my mine and i fear something awful has happened. Could you investigate it for me?
The Old Ghost by the Sea
Session 3

Our heroes make their way down to the bottom of the manor discovering a secret cellar and smuggling operation. After meeting up with some new friends and Vera. They defeat Percival in combat and discover a secret room of skeletons which was a the resting place of the towns former mayor. Jam received the staff of the alchemist and learned some new spells from his books.


Shadow Trials
Session 2

Inexplicably three of our heroes: Vera, Rhienne, and Trogdar are transported to a underground cell with a black shadow of a pentagram on their shoulder.

A shadowy figure tells them they must escape to prove their worthiness. After battling through a series of trials and undead minions. Our heroes encountered a grick and a giant spider that nearly killed Trogdar, but our heroes emerged victorious.

As they exit their underground cell, they emerge in the manor’s well previously occupied by a large snake.

The Secrets of Saltmar

Our heroes began their journey as so many have done before them – in an inn. The Green Sleep to be specific in the tiny town of Saltmar.

Our Heroes met with the various townsfolk in search of adventure and discovered rumors and complaints of a haunted mansion ( Clinton Manor) south of the town. Those who have entered never returned and the mayor of Saltmar will pay good coin for it to be cleared of evil.

The group then:

  • Battled with giants ants
  • Used fishing wire to defeat a large python in the nearby well
  • Jafar fell into a stupification from a trap
  • Found clues left through the house for someone named P
  • Found the dog that local girl was looking for :(
  • Reached the upper level of the manor and defeated an assassin sent to kill them.
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