The Deck of Many Things

After having cleared the the Brightrock mines, our heroes regrouped with Trogdar and began their journey back to Evanholm. On the way they were attacked by enraged Gnolls. It seems they are raiding more aggressively.

After arriving in the city, there seems to be considerable excitement from royal ships arriving at the docks. They are immediately intercepted by Juliana, who escorts them back to the Acolytes Temple. Here our adventurers learn that Dorain’s good friend Melfred Longfoot recently abandoned his post at the College of Bardem and was staying in the city. When Dorian tried to confront him at the inn he was staying he found bizarre markings of squid like design, but no Melfred. Melfred of course was trying to summon S’goth back in the mines and was the very bard you defeated.

After deliberation Juliana suggest that our heroes and Dorian should embark to the College of Bardem to investigate what is going on. Dorain will wait at the temple of the acolytes until the party is ready. Juliana also shows a bizarre marking outside of the temple of the same squid tentacle design. She says the temple is magically protected to prevent graffiti and this engraving shouldn’t be possible. She also comments on the “witch” Serra Volsong is in town to speak with Edwin. There appears to be some deep animosity between the two. Juliana also promoted, Jafar and Rhienne with the title, “Arcanist” and standing with the guild

For the remainder of the day our heroes got some shopping done as well as prepare magical items and spells. The party splits and half head to Historians extension near the docks and Harper’s Hill. They also return their quest to Edgar at Aznar’s shop and receive their 400 gold.

Trogdor speaks with Marian and she is impressed with his skill as a druid. She recommends attempting to gain the blessing of Elek Thyr in his forest. The great Deer God is reclusive and only blesses those it deems worthy. He was also awarded the title, “Watcher” and standing with the guild.

At the historians, Markel examines some of the parties magic items but cannot seem to make heads or tails of them. He leads them outside to the city graveyard and shows them a recent noble woman cadaver’s burn marks. He believes someone in town is in possession of the wondrous magical item, The Deck of Many things. The deck is a reality altering item and beyond historian identification in terms of origin. Markel believes this because the werguild hasn’t identified the woman’s killer and their have been two more murders as well.

The party is also confronted by Edwin Harper in the streets and he attempts to make amends by inviting them to a party later that night. At the party, Rhienne attempts to enter his mind, but is thwarted by his chief adjudicator, Jasen. Serra Volsong enters and tries to convince Edwin for military help, but is denied. She is given safe passage to travel north to the Copper mountains and her ancestral homeland. She is seeking a family for Mallory (the baby copper dragon on her shoulder) to stay with. During the events of the party, Vlad was able to give the manor’s watchmen the slip and do some sleuthing. He was able to discover a ledger in an office room, but didn’t have the incriminating evidence he needed for Noland and the alchemists. He did discover Edwin is having trouble with a mysterious pirate queen named Marileth and that some of his traders have been engaging in smuggling and a few with coffins into the city.

After vlad’s return, Edwin offers to help “assist” the party and give them a ship in exchange if they can clear his pirate problems in the Magian sea to the south. Serra confirms this was an issue in her passage north to Evanholm.

After resting for the night, the party heads to the alchemists guild, were Noland has a special quest for Vlad but agrees to share the details with the party as well. In his possession is the Deck of many things and he needs it smuggled outside of the city. He specifically does not want to be involved or implicated as it has killed at least one person so far. After some touch negotiating, from Goldie, Noland agrees to pay 300 gold upfront and another 300 gold if he can deliver it to his buyer’s emissary outside the city.

The party agrees, but vlad cannot resist the temptation of the deck and decides to draw from it. The deck runs out of charges after 3 draws and needs to time to regenerate. Vlad draws the Fates card allowing him to change and bend reality for a single moment once at the time of his choosing. Goldie then decides to draw from the deck but receives the Rogue card. She has now been cursed to be hated by a random ally forever. With the final charge, Vera decided to draw from the deck, but received the Fool card decreasing her level to level 4 and forcing her to draw again. She draws the Skull card teleporting her to another dimension and forcing her into one on one combat with a deadly encounter.
Vera defeats and enraged owlbear one on one and is teleported back.

The group meets up with the emissary who mysteriously tried to attack and kill Goldie. Vlad was able to negotiate and exchange while restraining Gerald (the emissary). After returning to the city and collecting their bounty. Noland awards Vlad with full membership the guild and the title, “Apprentice” and standing with the guild.

The groups head back to town and decides that they should head to the College of Bardem.



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