The College of Bardem

Our Heroes began their journey to Bardem after reuniting with Dorian at the acolytes temple. There they learned that Melfred was involved in the mysterious house of whispers.

Dorian suggests that he can sneak them into the college under the guise of new students and then search for the house and confront whoever this “Lord Thelros” is and end whatever plans Melfred had been plotting.

So our heroes set off north from Evanholm and broke at the river Ivan taking a raft upriver to the town of Redcliff where they could resupply before heading into the college. Along they way the passed a nearby fishing village that seemed to be completely ravaged by Gnolls. They continued their journey northward and ignored the dead behind them.

Upon Arriving at redcliff, our heroes went to Goldilocks for some fine butter beer and brew. The owner, Dale seemed to be having a problem with his crops and sent the crew to investigate a “wolf” drinking his ale. What the team found however, was an elderly copper dragon disguised as a man pounding barrels of ale. It was revealed later on that this was Merrigos, the Dean of House Valor at the College of Bardem.

Serra Volsong arrives on the scene and comments playfully on Merrigos’ antics and drunkenness, but entrusts him with the guardianship of Malory. She continues on her journey into the grey hills towards Half-rock.

Our heroes regroup at the inn after picking up a passed out Dorian remembering his old college days. Waking up, they quickly scurry off to Goldbury Alley picking up some instruments, potions, and magical supplies. They try to quickly run to the house selection ceremony but are encountered by troggs! They quickly make work of them and run straight to the ceremony.

Dorian drops them off to search Melfred’s old office and our heroes are promplty sorted into the bard college that best suits them:

House Valor:

House Lore:

House Herald:

House Glamour:

House Whispers:

Each of our heroes are slowly introduced to the other students and deans of each house. In house Valor, our heroes meet Tibult (Dorian’s brother) and Liam, as well as Merrigos who reveals himself to be the head of house Valor. He and the house founder Siggier Andvari used to go on amazing adventures back in their hay day and Merrigos is the only surviving member of the original college founders.

In House Lore, Jafar makes off to the Dudley library and encounters the Curator, a massive mech librarian that keeps all of the books and records in order. He was able to do some research and find a college past faculty book mentioning an old dark elf professor that thought their should be a bard college for espionage, but was denied. Rhienne speaks with an obscure student named sibil that had been staring at her since the sorting ceremony. The conversation goes nowhere after she may or may not have tried to court her??

In House Herald, Vlad investigates the life science exhibit and see massive ancient bone skeletons of beasts long past such as a triceratops and trex. He later investigates Melfred’s old office for clues and finds nothing but odd spider webs.

In House Glamour, Trogdor investigates the botanical gardens and encounters the dean, Helia. The tall and mysterious tiefling is intrigued by the dragonborns path that lead him here and asks him to look into her mirror, Glamour. She tells him the mirror is magical and will allow him to see an image of truth as he focuses his thoughts. Trogdor focuses on the house of whispers and witnesses a dark elf argue and curse at his wand, as well as Damaia walking in the Whispering wood. Helia eyes glow with the mirrors reflection as Trogdar looks up and she walks away simply saying, “you are very interesting”. He later discovers other wards of house glamour and sentient and seemingly disturbed shambling mound of vegetation that is enclosed either for its protection or ours.

In House Whisper,
Damaia goes off to the whispering woods to look for clues and encounters Tibult, after a quick exchange Tibult realizes she was also chosen to House whisper and in his nervousness introduces her to the entrance near the Cleric’s Circle, a holy ground that would be the last place you’d expect! He sings the magic song to gain entrance and leads Damaia to the dean of House Whisper, The White Spider.

Our Heroes meetup at the Cleric’s Circle at midnight shortly after and notice Damaia is missing. Rhienne uses her warlock abilities to discover she has supposedly betrayed them and is with the the white spider, before Damaia kicks her out of her mind. After gaining entrance to the secret entrance, our heroes begin their decent in the house of whispers. After failing to correctly enter the main hall, the fall down a long drain pipe and encounter a massive sewer troll! Our heroes valiantly fend off and defeat the troll, but Jafar was knocked out during the battle. The loot the trolls nearby chest surrounded by skeletons of would be members and Vladislav receives the Boots of the Wanderer an uncommon magic item that increases his athletics skills. Meanwhile, Damaia is able to gain info that a Lord Thelros has been preparing the end of the college and that victory is already guaranteed. He tells Tibult to kindly “handle” his brother who he believes is waiting outside.

Uncertainty awaits as our heroes as they do not know if Damaia is friend or foe as they march closer to the final chamber of the White spider.



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