Into the Brightrock Mines

Session 5

Our heroes start their adventure in Evanholm attempting to get more shopping done.

  • Rhienne attempts to pickpocket Lady Crane and fails earning her future scorn; she later learns from half-elven vagabonds that her friends will soon be attacked for killing Captain Greenbeard.
  • After discussing their future plans in an ally way, the group is attacked ruffians dressed in pirate gear.
  • After breaking killing some of them and taking a hostage, the group is arrested Commander Sigurd under suspicion of murder.
  • Our heroes were able to make their case to the Council of Saven at Saven’s Keep and were released after a unanimous (one reluctant vote) of innocence.
  • The group decides to celebrate their freedom by entering a drunken carouse. Vera gets arrested for disorderly conduct, Trogdor wakes up robbed on the other side of the city, and Rhienne and Jam clean house at the dice tables. Unfotunately Jafar was embarresingly scorned attempting to woo a maiden. Bartok went behind the bar without pants and was thrown out of [[Falker’s Inn & Tavern | Falker’s]].
  • Our heroes regroup and investigate the [[College of Historians: Evanholm | Historians guild]] and receive some powerful information about vampires and some holy water from Markel.
    The group splinters off picking up items and gathering quests before regrouping to clear Aznar’s Mines of trouble in deep of the night.
  • Goldie was able to navigate them safely, and they entered the mine succesfully avoiding traps.
  • They encountered some gnolls early on, but were cleverly dispatched with oil and fire.
  • Then went into the abandoned parts of the mine were they fought a brood of spiders. Trogdor was poisoned and wrapped in the black widows web, but Jam was able to misty step away from harm.

With the entrance corridor of the mine cleared, what will our heroes encounter next as they journey deeper into the mine.

Quests obtained:
Markel: Rescue my assistant Clarence or at least return his body. I fear Stormgrad has fallen under the spell of a terrible foe.
Noland: Investigate Harper’s Manor, i believe he might be behind your pirate problem and I need evidence like a ledger.
Marian: Cleanse the Night Vale of its curse and lay Bjorn’s soul to rest.
Aeron: Join me at the Nighthold if you wish to join the Vyrkul. We face the dangers of the growing gnoll threat to protect this land.



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