Brightrock Depths

Session 6

Our heroes continued their descent into the mines unsure of what they would find next.

  • They discovered a cavern carved by water going deeper into the mine. Goldie secures the rope for our adventurers to continue exploring.
  • They encounter a large chamber with seemingly no escape when they are attacked by two Gelatinous Cubes. A horrific battle ensued as Vlad was mere moments from dying of suffocation within the cube’s mass before Vera was able to just pull him out to safety.
  • After hearing their cries for help, Goldie slides down and immediately swings in to pull Jafar from out of a cube and deftly land safely.
  • After exploring their enclosed cavern, our heroes decide to swim out of the pool in the center. They were able to use Rhienne’s Imp familiar to secure the rope in an air-pocket ledge deep in the underwater river.
  • Escaping from the underground currents. They discover the miners, however when attempting to speak to them telepathically, Rhienne hears a dark voice in place of their minds threatening the party.
  • A battle ensues on the bridge and the party discovering that the miners have had their brains eaten out and are being controlled like zombies. However, our party was able to use their pick axes to mine some raw gold ore.
  • Our heroes travel deeper into the mine where they see the Foreman of the mines, a powerful dwarf wearing heavy armor. A battle ensues where the foreman calls for the intellect devourer, a large brain that walks on four legs, that consumer the poor miner’s minds minds. Vera nearly has her intellect drained!
    *Following their victory, Our heroes received: War Pick of the Foreman, and Pauldrons of Grizzly Fangs.

After the clearing the campsite near the foreman and defeating a mimic, the group discovers a broken tomb seal inscribed in deep speech as the jail of S’goth. They hear the sounds of a bard delivering a ritual spell deep from within and explored further down the tomb/jail. It appeared Aznar’s minors uncovered the tomb and accidentally awakened an ancient evil.

The group discovers a halfling bard named Melfred Longfoot, mad in his speech and nature freeing Sgoth from a limestone-like prison. Our heroes engage, and struggle against his cutting words and the mind flayed miners he was controlling. He mentions offhand that a lord Thelros has chosen him for this mission and he cannot fail.

Both Goldie and Vlad fall unconscious while Vera attempts to tank the remaining enslaved miners. Despair filled the air as half the team lie unconscious with most of the remaining party near death; in probably the group’s darkest hour, Jafar makes the hard call to continue his freezing spell to keep S’goth imprisoned while everyone regroups and tries to stabilize. Jafar was then able to take out 3 miners with a single spell setting up the group for the inevitable release of S’goth.

Sgoth, the massive 12 foot Chuul begins striking at the group in a frazzled rage with his human sized pinsers and tentacle mouth. The strange ooze in the puddle near his prison giving him near impenetrable armor. The group was able to quickly realize they could kite him around the mine and if he stayed out of his ooze then he could be wounded. Rhienne’s imp was killed as S’goth tried to strike her, but the group emerged victorious and with some new loot:

  • Longfoot, a powerful family heirloom that belonged to the bizarre bard.
    *Lute of Persuasion

And a bizarre locket that was hidden the tentacles of S’goth. Its properties remain unknown.

The party decided to haul the body of Melfred out as evidence of their victory and parts of S’goth as battle trophies, they exit the mine unsure of what their future holds…



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